Sell A House Fast in Hampden County: 5 Tips For Success

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5 tips to sell a house fast

Considering selling your house and want to do it as quickly as possible? Of course! Most people want that. We buy and sell houses and have some proven tips on how to sell a house fast in Hampden County… or anywhere.

Selling a House Fast Requires the Right Price

We quickly noticed that the single biggest factor in getting a house to sell fast in any market is the price.

Yes, how much you are asking for your home plays a huge role in being able to get offers right out of the gate.

Consider this, buyers from your area, are likely going through dozens or even hundreds of listings that are most likely sorted by price.

Everybody wants a bargain. They are judging your house and its price against what your neighbors are asking for a similar house.

Pricing a house is not the easiest thing to do in the world so we wanted to provide some quick tips to help you determine a great price:

  • Check comps: Find out what other similar houses are selling for and how fast they are selling. Take the closest matches that sold quickly and average the selling prices.
  • Compare your comp: If you are working with an agent, you can have them show you pictures of the houses that sold. If you aren’t working with an agent, many times you can see pictures of houses that sold on or Compare the fixtures and finishes to what you have in your house and adjust your price up or down based on what you find. Always consider the perspective of the buyer.
  • Have friends give their opinions: Sometimes, we as homeowners, are seeing things through a different lens. We need to get unbiased opinions from friends or family that are completely objective.

For more great tips on pricing your house for sale, check out this article on Zillow.

cash offer from a house buying company

Get an Offer from a Cash Home Buyer

Not everybody is aware there are people who buy houses cash that will make you an offer to buy your house quickly.

You might wonder,”why do they buy a lot of houses?” They buy for investment purposes and usually have the cash to close faster. This allows you to sell your house without even putting it on the market.

What’s the catch with these house buying companies? They usually don’t pay full market value. That might be an issue if you need to sell for top dollar.

Of course, this option doesn’t make sense for all home sellers. It makes the most sense for people that don’t have the time, energy or finances to fix all the repairs needed to get the house market-ready. This is also a great solution for sellers that don’t like the idea of having dozens of complete strangers going through their house, looking at all of their stuff.

We buy homes in Hampden County and would love to talk with you about what we can pay for your house.

market your house for sale everywhere

Market Your House Everywhere

The quickest way to sell a house you put up for sale is to get as many eyes on it as possible. You need to make sure everybody knows YOUR home is for sale.


Get an ad in the local newspaper

If you want to sell a house fast in Hamden County, you might consider putting an ad in the local newspaper or their website.

Use a Listing Agent

Real estate agents can list your house on the MLS (Multiple Listing Service) which will help you get maximum exposure.

If you decide to sell your house without an agent, you can get a ‘For Sale By Owner’ sign from HomeDepot or Lowe’s and stick it in your front yard. I highly recommend you get the directional signs as well. This will allow you to direct people in your area to the “house for sale”, YOUR HOUSE!

Use Social Media

Take lots of pictures and do a video walk through. You can post these on Facebook and Youtube.

One social media platform is perfect for pictures: Instagram. Give it a try.

Tell everybody you know

Tell everybody you know and ask anyone you talk to, if they know of someone looking to buy a house in the area. You never know where a lead can come from; the cashier at your local supermarket, co-worker or even your barber. You never know who might be looking for a house just like yours so make sure you tell everyone. This will certainly help you sell a house fast. There is no better marketing than good old-fashioned Face-to-Face conversation.

Make your sale “Agent-friendly”

Agent bonus

Reward agents for finding you a buyer. Bonuses of $1,000 or more for agents who sold their buyers on a house are common.

There are agents who search for listings of ‘for sale houses’ attached with these bonuses, and they start showing their clients these houses first. You can get yourself on the top of these potential buyers’ lists with this tip.

Try it!

Give Concessions to Sell Quickly

Closing cost assistance

There are many ways to entice buyers and give your house a little extra attention.

Not all buyers need assistance with their closing costs…but most do!

If you offer to help pay closing costs for your buyers, they’re much more likely to choose your house over a similar property because of these benefits.

Final Thoughts About How to Sell A House Fast in Hampden County

Whether you situation dictates you sell a house fast in Hampden County or somewhere else, you can follow these 5 tips we’ve outlined to increase your chances at a quick sale.

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